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IKMF, which stands for International Krav Maga Federation, is the most veteran Krav Maga organization remains forever loyal to the famous phrasing by Imi: "So that one may walk in peace".

It is IKMF's ongoing task to reach out to as many individuals in as many possible countries and provide them with self defense tools that will allow them to self defend effectively and eliminate danger so that everyone may walk in peace.

Krav Maga Malta

Krav Maga Malta offers a range of specialised self-defence courses in Civilian, Military, Law Enforcement and VIP Protection under the affiliation and guidance of the largest kravmaga federation - IKMF. Krav Maga is the system used by the Israeli Defence forces, both regular and special forces. Outside Israel, Krav Maga is used by various special police, military and intelligence forces, such as American CIA, FBI, US Marshals, USAF, DEA, Sky Marshals, various police departments (SWAT teams), French GIGN, Belgian Army, etc.

Krav Maga Malta boasts to have two fully qualified and experienced instructors, both having qualifications in other styles other than kravmaga: Master Igal Maidani (right) an ex Israeli Military, kung fu and aikido teacher, and Christopher Cassar (left) student of Master Igal Maidani, kung fu and tai chi teacher.

Team Work

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